• Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black
  • Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black
  • Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black
  • Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black
  • Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black
  • Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black
  • Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black

Levi’s Jeans Shorts - Black


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I’m Our Levi’s Jeans Shorts are back in time for warm weather! Each pair is hand-cut in-house to a perfect 6-inch length from vintage Levi’s jeans—a true daily wearer. The shorts you receive will look similar to the product photo, but each pair is one-of-a-kind and may vary from piece to piece.


How this works

This is a pre-order* so your items will take longer than usual to ship. Please read entire description prior to purchasing. 

To order, simply select the size and quantity you want and check out. You can expect to receive one pair of Levi's Jean Shorts. Each pair is vintage. Expect possible minor spots and distressing.


  • Inseam: 6 Inches
  • Brand: Levi's
  • Style: Will vary between 505, 501, 550, and 560
  • Colors: Overdyed black. 

*(Pre-Order) Please allow us up to 3-4 weeks to source and rework each pair.

Size Guide

For your waist sizes measure at the small of your waist (above your belly button) holding the tape measurer tight without squeezing. Where the tape meets is your true waist size.

This is the size you'll want to purchase for your shorts, or you can size up 1/2 inches for a loose/ baggy fit!

Before shipping we try on each pair to make sure they match the purchased size. We'll be offering free exchanges to make sure eyeryone gets their perfect fit.

You can also measure your favorite pair of shorts/jeans for additional measurements.

Measuring the waist around will give you a hip measurement that is typically 3 to 4 inches larger than your true waist.

This measurement can be used to help find your true waist, but shouldn't be what you purchase. Only buy your true waist size!

The 2nd measurement (rise) will let you know how high waisted the shorts are. Our shorts will be mid high waisted and measure 9”-11" long.

The 3rd measurement (inseam) is the length of the short, Our shorts are all 6“ which is a mid thigh bermuda length.

Sizing Guide


内容: Tシャツ、アウターウェア、スウェットパンツ、トラックパンツ

現在のブランドでの典型的なサイズは、Springy Jeans から購入したいサイズです。何十年にもわたって使用されると、衣服はさまざまな方法で変化する可能性があります。個々のピースは、生地の内容や衣服の生産時代のサイジングの傾向に応じて、縮んだり、伸びたり、サイズに忠実なままになったりすることさえあります.このため、元のタグ サイズは使用しません。代わりに、スタッフがこのカテゴリのすべての衣類を個別に測定し、各ピースに新しいサイズを割り当てます.

Shipping and Returns

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  • 16オンス以上のご注文
  • 処理時間: 1-3 日
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    • 16オンス未満の注文
    • 処理時間: 1-3 日
    • 配達時間: 2-5 日




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